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W  A  N  N  A    W  I  N    S  O  M  E  T  H  I  N  G   C  O  O  L  ?

. bespoke design service - just for you - & on us .


We can't always find what we're looking for when it comes to designs (on tshirts/hoodies etc), sure - there are thousands to choose from out there - but upon inspection, they're usually the same old dull and bad designs plonked on a cheap item of clothing. At IMT, in addition to our usual great designs, we offer you a design service, at no cost to you.

Woman wearing an indiemusictees tshirt

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We create designs on tshirts/hoodies etc) for lots of musicians, authors and individuals.
Simply upload your idea or design, tell us what you want it appearing on and we'll get back to you by the next
working day.
All work will be watermarked and removed upon purchase.
There is no obligation to purchase.
Please note: We do not design racist or homophobic material. 

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